Monday, September 04, 2006

time flies---Amsterdam-Newark- Syracuse

I am only 4 days in Amsterdam.......Time flies... tomorrow morning I have to leave again..

9/3/06-I got my luggage this morning!!!, they delivered my two bags to the wrong address...that's why it took two days..And Today I had also two meetings/interviews, one was for my new part-time job,..I'm going to teach at an art academy in October.And the other interview was for a web-magazine. And I had diner with Marc...

9/1/06-1 sept2006- US Airways and Delta Airlines lost my baggage again,and after the flight I had an infection in my left eye, so I went to the emergency doctor,....and I can not wear my glasses,because it's still in my baggage, I'm wearing Marc's it's 2nd of sept2006(night)-They still did not bring my baggage,they promised to bring it to me between 11 and 2pm...very BAD service for the 673,-euro!!!!!!


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