Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"The story of four generations" 四代人的故事

still making the final selection of photographs for the book, and the designer is working on the cover...My book will be published in december 2010 or January 2011...(written in english and translated into chinese!!! )

‎"The Story of Four Generations"
(2xoma's; beelden chronologisch 1994-2000-2010/ voorouderverering; altaars en begraafplaats op de Tang-berg / 4e generatie) ("Tien Portretten" als reflectie op de 3e generatie).binnenkort meer informatie hierover.

De laatste foto's zijn gemaakt in december2009/januari2010

Vormgeving:Peter Jonker
Lithografie:Colour and Books
Drukkerij: Lenoirschuring
Auteur: Patty Wageman(Groninger Museum) en Ingrid Commandeur
Vertaling: Inez Kretzschmar (engels-chinees)
Distributie:Ef&Ef ,Thorn
Met dank aan Stichting Sem Presser Archief, Fonds BKVB en Jan Banning/Stichting Ipso Facto


At Tuesday, October 26, 2010, Blogger lightning in a bottle said...

congratulations! will your book be available for purchase online?

At Monday, November 08, 2010, Anonymous Yee Ling said...


Ef&Ef Thorn will distribute my book,

ISBN 978-90-77386-08-8
soon I'll have an international number
I will update this blog, as soon as possible


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