Wednesday, November 17, 2010

presentation and lecture at Tropenmuseum

Tropenmuseum: Qi en geluk in het Tropenmuseum
zie bovenstaande link meer informatie over de lezing op zondag 14november in Tropenmuseum.

Ditta made these pictures, I was so happy that she was there, but also Marc and Luan came....and about 35 other people :-)

From 5 November 2010 until 8 May 2011, Amsterdam's Tropenmuseum will be turning red. The exhibition RED (ROOD) will focus on the colour in all its many aspects. Red is one of the most important colours in almost every culture and has many meanings.
The Tropenmuseum combines its own objects with the collection from the Museum of World Cultures in Basel, presented there in its RED (ROT) exhibition in 2007/2008. There are also objects on loan from a range of different museums including the Cobra Museum, the Amsterdam Historical Museum and the Dutch Army Museum.