Saturday, July 23, 2011

signed copies

you can still purchase my book, if you would like to order one signed copy, send an e-mail to
(you can also order at Printed Matter or Photo Eye)

240x340mm, 4 pagina's omslag met flappen, Munken Polar 170gr/m2 en Hello Gloss 170gr/m2 omslag full colour+bvao. oplage:500

Graphic design: Peter Jonker
Lithography: Colour and Books
Printed by: Lenoirschuring,the Netherlands
Author: Will Tinnemans, Patty Wageman (Groninger Museum)
Chinese translation: Inez Kretzschmar & Jaap Sie.
English translantion: Liedewij Hawke (Dutch Foundation for Literature)
Many thanks to Stichting Sem Presser Archief, Fonds BKVB,
Stichting Ipso Facto, Ditta Terpstra, Ingrid Commandeur.

ISBN 10: 9077386084
ISBN 13: 9789077386088
copyright © Yee Ling Tang, 2011, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



"Looker I, II, III" 2000,Installation.
Photographs 80cm x 100cm, red carpet, flowerprint wallpaper..
In collaboration with Jan de Groot and Christopher
Matsumoto. The first aspects of 'Lookers' are the three
photographs of the three men. The three men are looking,
giving the sense of being looked at. Each photograph dipicts
the contradiction with the word lookers. 'Lookers' are people
who are in the act of looking. And those are in the act of
looking. And those are in the slang sense of word, being
looked at. Such as a beautiful woman. A 'Looker'.

Monday, July 11, 2011

showing "The Story of Four Generations" in Hong Kong.

still showing at livecoal in Hong Kong!!