Saturday, September 23, 2006

"TO LOSE THE IDEA OF DIMENSION" 疏鬆維度想法. September,2006 Copyright: Yee Ling Tang


Vorig jaar waren er 12kunstenaars uit de hele wereld geselecteerd om een project te doen bij Lightwork, op de Syracuse University in New York. En ik was er een van...(kreeg er ook nog een stipendium voor ook)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yee Ling in New York City again 18-20sept

I'm in Williamsburg again for two days to work on my new project...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

of the presence of the body... I'm going to NYC again

Yesterday,I went to E.S.Bird Library at the Syracuse University and borrowed a few books-- 'Of the presence of the body',--'Performance and the politics of movement'--,'Anthropology and the dance-Ten lectures' and 'The hidden dimension/Edward Hall'.....The most interesting part is chapter; 'descriptive language' and 'body language'.

The reason I chose these books is because I'm doing research for my photo project.--'Where spoken languages are known to require translation, the popular belief among many is that body language do not require translation. This is also related to my youth; I experienced not talking for two years and I moved almost 20 times in my life........I'm going to take pictures of modells(or myself) in different poses and also empty spaces,than using two layers black&white film to make the prints....------------------------
Ik ben blij dat ik deze twee maanden in Amerika geheel mag concentreren op mijn werk, eindelijk een project wat niet van subsidiegeld is....,en ik hoop dat ik in de toekomst buiten Nederland nog meer projecten mag doen.In Nederland krijg ik een kans als het letterlijk gerelateerd is aan mijn chinese identiteit, en daar gaat mijn werk niet over, ik dacht dat het universeler is.. Ik denk dat er weinig ruimte is voor mijn autonoom werk in Nederland.(wel in letters en in cijfers, haha)

Friday, September 08, 2006

no voicemail messages

message for my friends: I forgot to refill my prepaid phone the last days,I could not receive any phone calls,but now I can use my cellphone again; 347 8732358 you can leave a voicemail message.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yee Ling working at

Yesterday evening I arrived in Syracuse,New York. I'm staying her for one month,because I got a stipend to work at / the Robert B.Menschel Media here--for their website.

Today I saw that made a link to my website and blog..see "Coup de coeur de la semaine"And there is also an interview on a Dutch webmagazinesee there website

Monday, September 04, 2006

time flies---Amsterdam-Newark- Syracuse

I am only 4 days in Amsterdam.......Time flies... tomorrow morning I have to leave again..

9/3/06-I got my luggage this morning!!!, they delivered my two bags to the wrong address...that's why it took two days..And Today I had also two meetings/interviews, one was for my new part-time job,..I'm going to teach at an art academy in October.And the other interview was for a web-magazine. And I had diner with Marc...

9/1/06-1 sept2006- US Airways and Delta Airlines lost my baggage again,and after the flight I had an infection in my left eye, so I went to the emergency doctor,....and I can not wear my glasses,because it's still in my baggage, I'm wearing Marc's it's 2nd of sept2006(night)-They still did not bring my baggage,they promised to bring it to me between 11 and 2pm...very BAD service for the 673,-euro!!!!!!